Thursday, November 24, 2011

No Cultural Christianity

It seems to me that as soon as any nation becomes settled enough to try to bottle Christianity as their own cultural experience, that is when God will rearrange the world. Not allowing Christianity to be bound to any one culture is essential to the spread of the Gospel. While all other major religions are still primarily concentrated in the area of their origin, the focus of Christianity in the world has shifted many times -- Palestine to Mesopotamia, Europe to the U.K. and U.S. and now booming in Africa and Asia among other places. The reason is that the Gospel transcends culture. It enhances and unlocks the full potential in the culture of it's adherents rather than destroying it and/or attempting to replace it. Obviously, certain aspects of the culture will inevitably be changed. What I mean is that an Asian or Latin American person does not have to become Europeanized or Americanized (or whatever the case may be) to embrace the Gospel.

I have decided to call this phenomenon the "Tower of Babel Syndrome". We Christians have a built in tendency to journey only so far before we settle on the "plains" of our own "Shinar". That happens when we start to believe that we have gotten all that we need from God and we can handle the rest. We are content to blend just enough of the "God ingredient" with our lives/culture to make it pleasant but not uncomfortable. Of course, we will call God in if we think we need something, but otherwise we are busy building our own monuments. We need to tear down these towers, regardless of how grand or "religious" they may appear and embrace the everlasting Kingdom that God is building in us, with us and all around us.


  1. I think that instead of building our own monuments, we need to focus on our personal relationship with God and have him present in every second of our lives and not just to call on him when we need something. To have him present in our hearts, because he is everywhere.

  2. Hi Jason, very true words! Here are my two cents worth. I've observed that people try to fit GOD into a box (fruitless effort btw, lol). The name of this box is called "religion" and in order for us to also get into this comfortable box with HIM, we're told we need to follow a set of rules. (Which is contrary to the freedom we were given by the blood of CHRIST. In essence we should be led by prayer and the SPIRIT of God) It’s that very thing (rules) that limits believers to prosper, and by prosper I mean fulfilling the will of GOD. So just when you thought you were comfy and GOD was right where you expected HIM to be, HE does something that rocks your world and forces you to readjust your view of Him, just like HE’S doing in the areas you mentioned.

    Spot-on with the syndrome.

    Jason you are blessed, wear the coat well

  3. In other words, Jason, God is just a little too big for the box that people try to keep Him in. I notice it is those same people who curse Him when they are having a bad day, but forget all about Him when things are going good.