Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving "Mini-Sermon"

I am genuinely thankful for all of the difficult circumstances that are teaching me to more readily run into the arms of grace. It is a lifelong process and that means more, (probably even greater), difficulties lie ahead. It is easy to say during these times; "life is not just about being happy". In a superficial sense, that is true. But in a much more real since, I am learning that the greatest source of happiness/joy comes from enjoying God in Christ. Romans 5:9-11 makes it clear that as great as justification is -- as great as it is to be rescued from God's wrath -- even greater than these is the gift of eternally enjoying God in Christ. Too often, my satisfaction with temporary, earthy happiness gets in the way of enjoying God. All the while, thinking that I am happy, I am actually experiencing a dramatically inferior happiness. I cling so tightly to these that it is spiritually (and sometimes physically) painful for them to be stripped away. Like C.S. Lewis says: “Our passions are not too strong, they are too weak. We are far too easily pleased." So, to conclude this "mini-sermon"; I thank God for sovereignly allowing the pain, suffering and difficulties that continue to strip away any delusions I have of finding true happiness in anything but Him. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

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  1. Amen Brother.
    Keep fighting the good fight....You are not alone!