Sunday, December 2, 2012

Life In the Celestial Pool Hall

It seems to me that life might be likened to a game of pool. **Note: Like any analogy, the following comparison falls apart if you start pressing all of the specifics. Even so, I believe the conclusion of the thought experiment is helpful.** When all "goes right", each ball falls into the hole when you want it to. When that does not happen, things bounce around chaotically and you have to approach it from a different angle. Now, let us imagine for a moment that the numbered balls are the possible circumstances in your life. You are the cue ball. Now imagine that there are hundreds of billions of numbered balls and billions of cue-balls coming from all different directions. There are even new numbered balls and cue-balls being being added as the game continues. Most of us are content to sit around on the comfy green felt. We may even pray to the guy holding the big stick for the circumstances and people we want to "fall" in a particular way that seems best to us. Sometimes that will happen without us having to move. More often, the only way that will happen is if our position changes. And to that end, we have to be willing to take the hit. What is more, we have to be ready for the confrontations that will inevitably arise when that happens. Notice also, with so many balls ricocheting about, it is highly unlikely that anyone will be able to remain stationary and untouched for very long regardless of their own intentions.

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